5k Run 2017

@People's Plaza,Necklace Road

Waste Paper Donation

We collect paper waste any news paper, old magazine, note books, text books, old stationary papers, postal papers, office old papers even if it is shrutted condition. We do also arrange shrutters if the papers need to be shrutted at the premises of the company/client.


eWaste Collection

We collect any electronic waste right from computers, monitors, cpu, keyboard, mouse, ups, battaries, mobile phones, any electronic accessories and covert into BRAND NEW COMPUTERS to give computer education to Government School Children with the help of RAMKY ENVIRO.


Computer Lab@School

Computer Lab to School children for the St Jhon's Church School, Secunderabad , Telangana is a unique center where the new computers are generated through eWaste Solutions . Thanks to RAMKY for the support and also our Permanent Trustees who has come forward to donate their old computers for recycling with RAMKY ENVIRO