Our Projects

Give Your Helping hand to those who need it.

Wealth out of Waste

Distributing Note Books to children through ITC (Well Being Out Of Waste.. i.e collection of waste papers from individuals, schools, companies, industries and corporate houses) and reaching out to 100,000s of Children who cannot afford to buy even notebooks for their education.Thanks to ITC for the support , we signed with ITC Bhadrachalam for waste paper collection and convert into useful NOTE BOOKS to school children.


Collection of eletronic waste from Industrail or Residential or Corporates and convert to BRAND NEW COMPUTERS and impart computer education for the Government School Children paricularly in semi urban and rural areas and also establishment of LIFE CENTER for upliftment of LIFE for the YOUTH.Thanks to RAMKY ENVIRO with whose help this project we are executing.

Education Awarness Programme

LLCT is having vision of creating Lions Life Centers in each mandal head quarters across India, to provide basic computer infrastructure and support to Rural students to compete with urban India. Lions Life Centers will be connected with local school or college. Education in India taking new direction. Govt. wants to bring some radical long-term reforms in examination pattern.
1.Move toward 60% or more of all exams toward the MCQ mode.
2.A simple end-of-school exam. One three-hour 150 Multiple Choice Questions exam covering all subjects studied.
3.Open-book exams, and exams without time limit.
4.The exam system gradually moving toward on-demand exams (they are usually done online, internationally) taken when the candidate is ready, rather than at the convenience of the system.
We want a small beginning of these changes at our Lions Life Centers by this time next year by LIONS EDUCATION in association with other partners, Entrance examinations like IIT JEE already conduction online test. Rural students lost the opportunity to write online exam bcas of lack of computer knowledge.
Lions Life Charitable Trust already studied the GAP and took-up “Education Awareness Program” as project for next 2 years to benefit Rural students to write Online examinations.

Mobile Medical Unit

Mobile Medical Bus is utilized by the volunteers for conducting medical camps in and around the city for the poor and needy. Particularly for the people living in urban and semi urban slums in a continuous basis. This project is being provided with Ophthalmology, General, Dental blocks.